Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crochet handbag

I know I know....I can't believe it myself! I'm crocheting myself a handbag! Woohoo! For the first time ever I'm doing it by following instructions from the crochet book! :D

Actually years ago, I've crocheted my own handbag on my own without guidelines from anyone or following any instructions from a book. I just bought myself a roll of white yarn and crochet myself a handbag. I even added beads to it. It took me 6 months to get it done. A lot of people complimented on the handbag too which was quite a surprise for me since it was so full of flaws! The handbag looked so weird....but perhaps because it was weird looking that people loved it so much. I do too and up till now I still use it whenever I go out. It's unique in it's own way I guess hehee.

So today I started crocheting a handbag by following the rules.....step by step till it's all done. So far so good. I got me a dark redish brown yarn that I think is so beautiful. I've never had a handbag in this color before. Love it! I just can't wait for it to be done. I love a hobo shape bag and I'm aiming for that. Even though the instructions is actually for a bag quite different from what I want but I'm following at least 3/4 part of the design and the top part will be hobo type for the handles. So it's a trial and error thingy as well. I really hope it will turn out nice in the end. It's just a simple single stitch crochet with very little of double stitch involved. A good design for beginners like me. ...hehehe.

I don't know how long it's going to take for me to get this handbag done. I hope it will be done in less than 6 months time considering the load of work I need to get done in between. I can't wait!!!! :D

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baby's haircut

Over the years I've learned to cut my own hair, my Mom's hair, my aunt's hair, my sister's hair and even my friend's hair during my varsity days. But I've never cut a baby's hair before. This is my first time!

What I did  yesterday was something really challenging for me. I cut my nephew's hair! Emir is just a little over 1 years old...and I was asked by his mother to cut his hair since she had problems cutting his hair at the barber's. He is so afraid of getting a haircut hehehe!

I had a hard time cutting his hair too! LOL! Super challenging I tell ya! I needed help from 3 other people to attract his attention and keep him happy so that I can cut his hair. We were running around everywhere outside the house to cut his hair and he was screaming most of the time and won't sit still coz he didn't want anyone to cut his hair. With much difficulty I finally managed to cut the back and the side of his hair. The front part was left alone because he just won't let me touch it! 

So as a result, the hair at the front was still long. His mom plan to cut it when he is sleeping hehehe! Not sure if that is possible though. :P It was really quite an interesting experience!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Blogging via handphone

There's always a first in everything right? hehe! Well for me right now I'm blogging for the first time using my hand phone. Feeling sooo excited and silly at the same time! LOL! :D 

I'm using the Wifi service I just got installed today at my house......upgraded the internet service for better internet surfing using the PC and the hand phone. I'm so glad I can use both now at home. But what I love best is the fact that I can surf, email, blog or whatever, at any part of the house with my hand phone. That is so cool! A lot of people are doing it nowadays.....I'm only getting to do it now. A bit late no? But better late than never right? ;)