Thursday, June 3, 2010

Budget issues

I realized when I scrolled through my bucket list that most of the things I wanted to achieve in it would have me spend quite a lot of money in order for me to do most of them........especially the ones involving traveling to places outside of my city.

So looks like I would have to put those things on hold for a while till I get enough money in my savings account hehehehe. I guess that's why all these years I was not able to do some of the things in the list. It all boils down to the budget. If I have the budget, then I can do it.

I want to do is not that I don't want to.....and I really want to to it even more now that I'm much older. As years go by the more I feel the need to accomplish them. But I'm not gonna worry my life away thinking too much about it and stressing myself though. All I have to do now is focus on the plan and make sure the plan will be materialized. At the same time I will also try new things that I've never tried before......even the little things that I might find insignificant to me before. As long as it is something I've never done before.....I'll do it......but always remembering that it has to be something that is not against my religion :).