Thursday, December 13, 2012

Big Shot die cut machine

Finally I got my wish!!! I got my die cut machine that I so longed to own for as long as I can remember. At first I was aiming for the Cuttlebug machine which I blogged about here in 2010. That was the first time ever I tried using a die cut machine....But now that I own my own die cut machine it feels like I'm in heaven! I never thought that I would be able to get one some day and I'm so happy that I was able to make my dream come true before the year end.  

Although I took longer that I should to get one, at least I got one in the end.....that's what's important. You have no idea how difficult it was for me to get it. I'm glad now I got a new tool to help me with my business and help me improve my card making and crafting. Hopefully things will get better and better and my designs will further improve even more and be easier for me to make more ready card stock for sale. I definitely need help in making more ready card stock for sale. Desperately! ahahaha!

I'm loving this machine so much. It's wonderful and easy to use. I wish I could get the latest die cut machine from Sizzix but it is sooooo expensive so I opted to just buy the Sizzix Big Shot instead since it's more affordable.Whatever it is, I'm just so extremely happy that one of my big wish came true this year.....hopefully more wish will come true soon for me! ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I've always loved to sing. Sing in the car while driving or while working in my studio. But never in my dreams have I ever intended to do be a recording artist or anything like that. I just love singing. I've always wanted to record my voice and hear what it sounds like and today I did it. I recorded my voice for the first time singing one of my favourite songs from The Carpenters entitled "Rainy Days and Mondays" and uploaded it on YouTube. It's set on private....only those with links to it can view it hehhehe.

I just recorded my voice and not my face. Too embarrassed to show myself singing so I just preferred to let my voice be heard hehe. I don't have a high pitch voice or sound as beautiful as Karen Carpenter but I did tried my best and sang from the heart. :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Going for Hajj

This year is the year........finally I'm going to do it for real. I'm preparing myself to go for Hajj. I suddenly got the feeling to do it and I'm now making the list of things I need to do in order to prepare myself to go for Hajj, hopefully next  year if Allah permits it. 

I have to attend Hajj courses at the mosque every week and also I'm learning again how to read the Quran. I told myself long ago, that if I ever want to go to Mekkah again for Umrah or for Hajj, I have to learn to read it properly. I remember what it was like years ago when I went for my Umrah and I felt so sad coz I couldn't read it as well as others. It is my wish that the next time I go there, I want to be able to read it really well. I hope Allah will grant my wish this time.

Going for Hajj is definitely one of the things I wish to do before I kick the bucket. It will be a dream come true if I really get to do it. I'm not really prepared to go and do it this year but hopefully by next year, I'll be prepared. InsyaAllah :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My first video on YouTube

Talk about trying something new this year and one of the things I've always wanted to do is making my own video. Putting it on Youtube would be a dream come true. It wasn't easy at first. But once I started it, I never looked back. It had to be done and I did it! 

I used my Sony Cybershot digital camera to make my first video and it's just a short video about how to make paper flowers using a hair comb. The duration of the video is 1 minute and 30 seconds. Making the video was a wonderful experience for me and the feeling I got when it's done is so incredible, I just can't explain it. 

I was self taught, and was willing to do just about anything to learn how to do it. I googled, I played with the camera for days just trying to figure it out on my own. I'm so happy that I finally did it in the end. The video was made on 31st of January 2012 and uploaded in Youtube on the same day.

I know that this post is a bit late but, I just had to post about it here since this is about something that I've always wanted to do. My first video hit 1000 views in just 3 days! So cool! I wonder if it will ever hit 1 million views one day??? hahahaha.....will see .....will definitely blog about it if it does! :D

Have a look at my first video below! ;)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Blog for 365 days

It's a new year already. There are still a lot in my bucket list that I have not yet achieved. :( Thinking of what I want to do and add to my list and one of it is this!

My new bucket list project for this year is to blog for 365 days!! A post a day. It will be at my personal blog. I will make it a point to write a post a day and it can be about anything under the sun. Doesn't matter. It would be awesome to be able to do it. ;)

But when I checked this year's calendar, I noticed that it's leap year! So that means I have to blog an extra 1 one to make it 366 days. As if there isn't enough pressure already for me to blog for 365 hahaha. Oh well. It's just a coincidence that I decided to do this on a leap year.

Wish me luck! ;)