The Annual Blog Giveaway

I cannot believe it! The last time I blogged here was in January....and now it's already April....and April is moving real  fast towards May! Urrrgggghhhhh! To think that the only thing I've actually tried to accomplish in my bucket list  so far is the blog giveaway. So, for the past 4 months now I've been giving away my handmade cards and embellishments to my lucky followers in my card blog. It has been quite a challenge to pull it off since I've been so busy keeping up with my work......the work keeps getting more and more heavy and sometimes I feel like I'm about to lose my mind trying to manage it all. It's very hard to do it all by myself. 

I'm really hoping that things will get better and I will be able to fulfill my dream to giveaway as much as I can in my handmade card blog. I was even thinking of doing the same for my other blogs but looks like that will have to wait till next year. Because this year alone I really wanna concentrate fully on my handmade card blog and make it really successful. 

The idea was to giveaway according to the number of the that means this month I would have to give away cards to 4 lucky people. Next month, it will be 5 lucky people....then 6 lucky people.....till end of the year, which is to give to 12 lucky people!!!! Yikes! Wonder how I am going to handle 12 gifts for 12 people then.......I would probably have to prepare them much early as possible. The problem with me usually is that I have problem deciding what to give. That has always been the case! Maybe it's a Libra thing....or what...I donno.....but I've always had problems making up my mind has been a life long struggle since I was in my primary school. LOL! I can't seem to shake it off! But whatever it the end, I usually managed to settle the problem....I always find a solution in the usually works out fine eventually. But, before it is settled....there will always be a panic attack....hahahaha!

I'm really glad overall with how the giveaway is turning out so far so good. I wouldn't want to giveaway cards that are not of good quality.....I don't want to give them rejects....I want to give them a selection of my best work. This is so that they will have an idea of how my cards are like , they will get to see them in person and hopefully they will help in promoting my work to their friends and family as well. Although I want it to be a win win situation, it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. I'm just happy to be able to give.....that's what matters most to me. Giving is sharing.....sharing is caring.... :)