Learning Mandarin online..... :P

Ok ok......this has been  going on for years now....years and years of obsession about learning this unique language. If you wonder how this obsession came about.....it's probably because I live in a Chinese neighborhood since small and love watching Chinese TV shows, soap operas and movies. I even adore some Chinese singers from Hong Kong....and I used to be sooooooooo in love with Leon Lai Meng!!!! I even bought his cassettes.....sang his songs like some crazy loony.....not knowing what in the world I was singing about.....but because I was in love.....and the melody sounded great....it just made perfect sense to me at that time! LOL!

I only know a few words in Mandarin and that alone is enough to make me feel so proud. Of course I have a lot of other languages that I would love to learn someday, but somehow Mandarin is close at heart. I donno, all I know is no matter what I have to be able to converse in Mandarin before I kick the bucket. I live in Malaysia and there are a lot of Chinese people here.....and it would be great if I could converse in their own language once in a while..... :) I know they would love it too if we know the language and can speak it fluently.

Ok, so here is the thing.......I'm staying in Alor Setar, Kedah and I have no idea where to get Mandarin lessons here.....I don't know of any class operating nearby that I can attend to. Plus, I'm quite broke right now and I need a cheap alternative to learn this language.......I wish I have a Chinese friend right now who is good in Mandarin so that he or she can teach me for free....LOL! Unfortunately, my Chinese friends can't even speak Mandarin! Why? Because most of them never attended Chinese school.....they all went to the National school like I did therefore skipped learning the one language I want so much to learn! Urrrghhhh! What a bummer!

So I was thinking and thinking.......could there be a possibility that they have Mandarin lessons online???? Could it be??? So I tried googling it just now and whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! It's available online!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!! Why didn't I think of this before???!!! :I How silly of me not to try it before. I clicked on the website link and my goodness!!!! It's so cool! There are quite a few websites that offer these tutorials and I'm thinking of checking them all out soon enough. But for now I'm sticking with this one first. It looks good enough and it's one of the most sought after it seems. So I'll just go with this one now. I'll give it a go! I hope by the end of this year I can communicate with someone in Mandarin. Wish me luck ya!! ;) 

Check out this website if you are interested to learn Mandarin too! ;) Have fun!


Meera said…
im taking mandarin as my third language :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Wow! That is so cool Meera! Good for you! I can't seem to find a class here in Alor Setar where I can learn the language....so I decided to learn it slowly from the online website. It's quite good too! Thanks for visiting and commenting!!