Baby's haircut

Over the years I've learned to cut my own hair, my Mom's hair, my aunt's hair, my sister's hair and even my friend's hair during my varsity days. But I've never cut a baby's hair before. This is my first time!

What I did  yesterday was something really challenging for me. I cut my nephew's hair! Emir is just a little over 1 years old...and I was asked by his mother to cut his hair since she had problems cutting his hair at the barber's. He is so afraid of getting a haircut hehehe!

I had a hard time cutting his hair too! LOL! Super challenging I tell ya! I needed help from 3 other people to attract his attention and keep him happy so that I can cut his hair. We were running around everywhere outside the house to cut his hair and he was screaming most of the time and won't sit still coz he didn't want anyone to cut his hair. With much difficulty I finally managed to cut the back and the side of his hair. The front part was left alone because he just won't let me touch it! 

So as a result, the hair at the front was still long. His mom plan to cut it when he is sleeping hehehe! Not sure if that is possible though. :P It was really quite an interesting experience!


ooooh MashAllah he is soooo adorable!! :-)

Assalamualeikum dear sister in Islam :-) I'm so glad to find other muslim sisters in the blogging world! Keep it up inshAllah! :-) Hope to hear from you soon.


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