Blog for 365 days

It's a new year already. There are still a lot in my bucket list that I have not yet achieved. :( Thinking of what I want to do and add to my list and one of it is this!

My new bucket list project for this year is to blog for 365 days!! A post a day. It will be at my personal blog. I will make it a point to write a post a day and it can be about anything under the sun. Doesn't matter. It would be awesome to be able to do it. ;)

But when I checked this year's calendar, I noticed that it's leap year! So that means I have to blog an extra 1 one to make it 366 days. As if there isn't enough pressure already for me to blog for 365 hahaha. Oh well. It's just a coincidence that I decided to do this on a leap year.

Wish me luck! ;)