Going for Hajj

This year is the year........finally I'm going to do it for real. I'm preparing myself to go for Hajj. I suddenly got the feeling to do it and I'm now making the list of things I need to do in order to prepare myself to go for Hajj, hopefully next  year if Allah permits it. 

I have to attend Hajj courses at the mosque every week and also I'm learning again how to read the Quran. I told myself long ago, that if I ever want to go to Mekkah again for Umrah or for Hajj, I have to learn to read it properly. I remember what it was like years ago when I went for my Umrah and I felt so sad coz I couldn't read it as well as others. It is my wish that the next time I go there, I want to be able to read it really well. I hope Allah will grant my wish this time.

Going for Hajj is definitely one of the things I wish to do before I kick the bucket. It will be a dream come true if I really get to do it. I'm not really prepared to go and do it this year but hopefully by next year, I'll be prepared. InsyaAllah :)


ijA said…
subhanaallah..i want go there, start save money ..

all the best
Subhanallah!May Allah fulfill your wish of performing HAJ kindly keep me in your prayers